Allan Stone

Hey, I’m Allan,

Taking pictures is how I have navigated the world and connected with people and places, my camera allows me to be nosy, inquisitive, interested and curious it has opened many doors, it makes me look over that wall, peer through that crack or walk down that alley, it connects me to our world. 
Storytelling, documenting or just recoding light onto film, the names may have changed, but the process hasn’t.
I trained and specialised for a while in Natural History illustration but a simple fascination with a camera, the Canon AV-1 my Father bought in Thailand resonated with me, perhaps it grabbed my soul, and my own Nikon FG ( my first camera ) allowed me to talk and communicate, although at the beginning I didn’t say very much.

Collage, illustrator and then into photography, location finding, and some production but generally photographic assisting in London, France and then in NYC and on the West Coast opened the idea of working anywhere and for global clients. 40+ countries have given me a wanderlust but that also came from family holidays as a child driving south through Europe, the warmth on my skin and the colours as we got closer to the Mediterranean stay as a little film clip with me. I still love to travel although it is getting busy out there. The joy of flying has lost some of its shine but travel by train, plane, boat, bike or car is still wonderful.
The market and my market have changed many times but my appetite hasn’t, my site will testify to my love for Photography. I often collaborate and enjoy working alongside PR teams, Art Directors and Designers. I have had agents and won awards, AOP Gold and Best in Show, my Hidden series (which my Mother loved, The Award, not the series) was very nice to win. The AOP in London epitomises wonderful photography and photographers.

I shoot a lot, I enjoy the process, and I still get excited, about meeting people, and being somewhere new, warm light, the colours, someone’s emotions, a sunset, and how light falls onto something resonates with me and excites me. My personal work has always influenced and inspired me to shoot and be curious and my clients have often enriched me.

Cycling, Sking, Walking our Dogs, Arsenal, Family, Red Wine, Films, Cinematography, Formica, Bauhaus, the odd Beer, Champagne thinking about pictures, and Shooting pictures, in no particular order, mould me.

PS-----------My site is still in development mode, so I am working with my team to get it close to looking good :) 

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